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The Factoring Process is Simple

Our Client sends invoices to Exchange Capital.

The same day we receive the invoices, we verify them.  We then advance funds - at the Client's request - and pay the Client by check or electronic transfer. 

Exchange Capital delivers & monitors the invoices until payment is received.

As payments are received by Exchange Capital, they are processed immediately & all rebate amounts, less our fee, are paid to the Client.

  What is Factoring?


Exchange Capital Corporation provides immediate cash to growing companies by purchasing their accounts receivable as soon as they invoice their customers, this is called factoring.

Factoring is not a loan, it's easy to get started, & you can stop at any time.

When a company can't reach its growth potential due to slower paying customers and high accounts receivable balances, factoring gives access to those funds immediately.

Retail establishments "factor" by accepting credit cards such as American Express & Visa.

Our Clients selling to other businesses level the playing field with those establishments by factoring with Exchange Capital.

Our Cash Advances Help You:

Take Advantage of Growth Opportunities

Cover Payroll &

941 Taxes Easier

Earn Discounts

Paying for Supplies

& Materials

Increase Cash

Without Debt

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